What is Keepsafe?

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Keepsafe is a family of simple privacy and security apps. Keepsafe provides a protected space on your iPhone, Android, or tablet to keep important things safe like private photos, browsing activity, personal texts & calls just to name a few. Keepsafe uses military grade encryption across its apps. To ensure privacy, Keepsafe has no system IT admins or employees that can access or view your content.

What are Keepsafe’s privacy apps?

  1. Keepsafe Photo Vault is photo vault app to protect photos, videos and documents. You import private pictures to an encrypted, password-protected locker for safe keeping. You can lock individual albums for another layer of safety. Keepsafe’s private photo vault also allows you to backup photos to private cloud storage so you can free up phone space. The privacy app includes:
    • PIN code, Fingerprint or Touch ID password protection
    • Military-grade encryption
    • Free photo storage for up to 200 pictures and videos and up to 5,000 files with Keepsafe Premium
    • Break-in alerts (Premium)
    • Decoy vault with separate PIN code (Premium)
    • Album locks (Premium)
  2. Keepsafe Unlisted is a burner phone app that gives you additional phone numbers for your cell phone from any area code in the U.S. or Canada. You can make and receive calls, texts, and photos with reliable VoIP service (that keeps this activity off your phone bill). With features like call forwarding and custom voicemail, it’s easy to set up. Subscribe or pre-pay and cancel anytime. A burner phone app is helpful for protecting personal information that may be tied to your primary phone number. Not sure what info is linked to your number? Check out Keepsafe’s My Number Lookup to get a free report. The service scans the web for publicly and commercially available information (such as age, gender, full name, address, etc...) that’s tied to your number.

  3. Keepsafe Browser is a private browser app. It protects personal web searches and prevents tracking. The app is fast and secure. Includes features like: password-protection, normal tabs (that store cookies, caching, and URLs) and secret tabs (that forget session data for ultimate privacy), and tracker blockers to help protect you from being followed by ads or social networks. In addition Keepsafe Browser is integrated with Keepsafe Photo Vault, allowing you to import pictures from the web directly to your private photo vault. Keepsafe Browser is also integrated with Keepsafe VPN to encrypt Internet activity and give you the most secure Internet browsing experience.

  4. Keepsafe VPN is a VPN (virtual private network) app that protects your Internet activity on WiFi hotspots and public networks and keeps it private from ISP or IT administrator tracking.To improve your privacy controls even more, try Keepsafe VPN with Keepsafe Browser. Together these apps give you the most private and secure experience that will keep your online activity completely private and safe from hackers. The privacy app includes:

    • Data encryption to keep you safe.

    • Ability to hide or change your location so you can visit any site from anywhere.

    • No logs.

  5. Keepsafe App Lock is a phone security app that easily lets you lock any apps on your       Android device to control your privacy. Lock up your apps to keep prying eyes out of your     texts, chats, emails, photos, videos, and social networks. The privacy app allows you to: 
    • Set a password-protected PIN-code, lock pattern, or Fingerprint ID

    • Easily lock and unlock mobile apps

    • Prevent unauthorized installs

Keepsafe’s family of privacy apps make privacy and security simple. They give you control to share when you want with people you trust. With Keepsafe, you control your privacy and have freedom to be yourself.

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