Keepsafe Photo Vault Permissions Explained

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Below are the permissions that Keepsafe Photo Vault on Android request and examples for how we use them.


  • Photos/Media/Files: this lets you upload photos, videos and files from your storage to Keepsafe, while also giving you the ability to delete the footage from your storage.
  • Camera: this lets you take photos and videos directly within Keepsafe Photo Vault.
  • Contacts: this lets you share photos, videos and files from your Photo Vault to your friends.
  • Identity: We use your accounts to uniquely identify your account without an email address. (make signin/up easy)
  • Storage: We need a place to keep your private files that no other app has access to & the storage permission gives us access to a private storage directory.
  • Device ID & Call Information: We use your device ID to identify who you are by your device even though you may not be signed in with an email account.
  • Device & App History: When your device boots, we use this permission to make sure that Keepsafe has not been tampered with.

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