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Apple updated its guidelines and no longer allows apps like Calculator Vault to disguise themselves to hide photos. We cannot make future updates to Keepsafe Calculator Vault.

Continue using Keepsafe Calculator Vault

While Calculator Vault got removed from the App Store, it will still work on your phone as long as you don’t delete the app. The app will secure and store your photos, but won’t be updated with new features and bug fixes.

Your Calculator Vault account also works with Keepsafe Photo Vault. When you install and login with the same email, you’ll be able to view your photos in Keepsafe Photo Vault (which has the same password-protection as Calculator Vault). Keepsafe Photo Vault will continue to be updated with exciting, new features and bug fixes.

If you are over your sync limit, your excess data will not be transferred to photo vault. You must sync all items to the cloud that you expect to see transfer from your calculator app to photo vault.

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Your Calculator Premium Subscription will also be a Premium Photo Vault account, just as it always has been. Now is also a great time to remember to update your account to add and verify an additional back up email address.

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